Kurdistan Regional Government
WED, 24 APR 2019 19:05 Erbil, GMT +3


Prime Minister Barzani and Iraq’s Parliament Speaker discuss political developments

4/23/2019 1:44:44 PM

They discussed the political situation in Iraq in general and latest developments in the Nineveh province in particular. They stressed the importance of cooperation and coordination between the relevant institutions to reconstruct the areas destroyed by the war against ISIS.

KRG Council of Ministers congratulates Christians on Easter

4/21/2019 9:38:48 PM

On the occasion of Easter, we emphasize that the Kurdistan Regional Government, as always, is working to further consolidate and deepen the culture of coexistence, tolerance, and warm acceptance among all religious and ethnic communities throughout Kurdistan. 

Prime Minister Barzani receives Qatari delegation

4/18/2019 12:28:37 PM

Prime Minister Barzani gave a brief overview about the economic and financial constraints, which the Region witnessed in the past years. He also highlighted the current indications of the Region’s economic recovery, particularly following improvement of relations between the Kurdistan Region and Baghdad.

Prime Minister Barzani receives invitation to visit China

4/17/2019 8:02:32 PM

The two sides stressed developing bilateral relations and cooperation in the economic and infrastructure fields. They also highlighted the Belt and Road Initiative, BRI, of the President of the People’s Republic of China, which can also be applied in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region.

Prime Minister Barzani receives a Baden-Württemberg State delegation

4/17/2019 6:33:02 PM

Prime Minister Barzani thanked Baden-Württemberg State for its initiative to provide treatment to the Yazidi children and girls who survived ISIS onslaught. He also stressed that KRG’s efforts to save the Yazidi girls and boys are ongoing, and will continue until they are all released.

Prime Minister Barzani receives Russia's new Consul General

4/16/2019 1:33:10 PM

Prime Minister Barzani congratulated Consul General Levin for his new position and wished him success in his duties. He expressed his government’s desire to further develop relations with the Russian Federation, especially in the fields of trade, agriculture, electricity and tourism.

Prime Minister Barzani receives IICO delegation

4/15/2019 10:40:05 AM

Prime Minister Barzani stressed that the Kurdistan Region needs from the international community and the Iraqi government to meet the requirements of the displaced people, especially in the fields of education and health, including psychological treatment.

Prime Minister Barzani's statement on thirty-first anniversary of Anfal genocide campaign

4/14/2019 1:46:11 PM

In addition to all the complexities and political difficulties in the country, healing the wounds of Anfal and compensating family of victims for their losses should be the priority of the Iraqi government. This is their moral and historical responsibility.

Prime Minister Barzani receives Paris Mayor

4/14/2019 10:14:13 AM

Prime Minister Barzani expressed his thanks to President Macron, who supported the Kurdistan Region politically after the tensions of October 2017, helping the resumption of talks between the Kurdistan Region and Baghdad, and resolution of some issues.

Prime Minister Barzani receives U.S. delegation

4/10/2019 12:50:14 PM

They discussed steps taken in the formation of the new cabinet of the Kurdistan Regional Government, progress in relations between the Kurdistan Region and Baghdad toward resolving outstanding issues, and threats of reemergence of terrorism in some areas to be addressed by joint coordination between the Kurdistan Region and Baghdad.

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