Kurdistan Regional Government
THU, 25 APR 2019 20:47 Erbil, GMT +3

Relations with the Federal Government of Iraq

The Kurdistan Regional Government is the governing authority of the federal Kurdistan Region of the Republic of Iraq, as stipulated by Section Five of the Constitution of Iraq. Since the fall of the previous regime, the KRG has staunchly promoted a democratic, pluralistic, federal Iraq at peace with itself and its neighbours, making every effort to support a stable and peaceful Iraqi state that respects the rights and the wishes of its citizens.

The Constitution of Iraq clearly delineates the rights of governorates and federal Regions, and the KRG remains unwavering in its adherence to the Constitution as the highest authority in the land. The KRG continues its good faith effort to resolve a number of unresolved issues with the federal government.


Prime Minister Barzani receives U.S. delegation

THU, 25 APR 2019 09:55

They discussed the political and security situation of the Kurdistan Region, US-led coalition’s training of Peshmerga forces, and security cooperation with Baghdad in facing threats of reemergence of ISIS terrorism.

Prime Minister Barzani and Iraq’s Parliament Speaker discuss political developments

TUE, 23 APR 2019 13:44

They discussed the political situation in Iraq in general and latest developments in the Nineveh province in particular. They stressed the importance of cooperation and coordination between the relevant institutions to reconstruct the areas destroyed by the war against ISIS.

Prime Minister Barzani receives U.S. delegation

WED, 10 APR 2019 12:50

They discussed steps taken in the formation of the new cabinet of the Kurdistan Regional Government, progress in relations between the Kurdistan Region and Baghdad toward resolving outstanding issues, and threats of reemergence of terrorism in some areas to be addressed by joint coordination between the Kurdistan Region and Baghdad.