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MON, 22 OCT 2018 23:38 Erbil, GMT +3


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Prime Minister Barzani’s speech at Duhok International Film Festival

SAT, 20 OCT 2018 21:53

As the Kurdistan Regional Government, we regard the development of a contemporary cinema industry and establishment of national institutes for cinema as very necessary for setting a new pathway for the Kurdish cinema, and it can become a cultural foundation so that our cinema sector will embark on a prosperous future.

Prime Minister Barzani and President Macron discuss latest developments in Iraq

SAT, 20 OCT 2018 20:25

Prime Minister Barzani thanked France and President Macron for their continued support to the Kurdistan Region and Iraq. He stressed that the Kurdistan Region will participate in the political process and the formation of the new Iraqi government.

Prime Minister Barzani receives Turkish delegation

FRI, 19 OCT 2018 09:15

Prime Minister Barzani meets Iraqi Leaders

THU, 18 OCT 2018 12:36

Prime Minister Barzani receives Australian ambassador to Iraq

WED, 17 OCT 2018 13:52

Prime Minister Barzani receives U.S. Deputy Secretary of State

TUE, 16 OCT 2018 12:55

Tourism in Kurdistan Region hits record high this year

WED, 10 OCT 2018 13:52

Prime Minister Barzani congratulates Nadia Murad

FRI, 5 OCT 2018 18:51

Prime Minister Barzani meets the head of Fatih Alliance

FRI, 5 OCT 2018 10:14

Prime Minister Barzani casts his vote in Kurdistan’s parliamentary election

SUN, 30 SEP 2018 20:52