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Khalid Salam Saeed

Minister of State for Negotiation Affairs with the Federal Government

Year of Birth:                                    1975

Marital Status:                                  Married

Place of Residence:                          Kirkuk

Qualifications and Education:

  • Ph.D. in Law, Mansoura University, Faculty of Law
  • Master’s Degree in Constitutional law, Kirkuk University, College of Law and Politics
  • Bachelor of Law. University of Baghdad, College of Law

Work Experience and Responsibilities:  

  • Legal Adviser to the President of the Republic of Iraq 2014-2016, and the official spokesman of the Presidency of the Republic of Iraq.
  • Head of the High Committee for re-writing Iraqi Laws, 2013.
  • Head of the Iraqi Parliament’s Legal Committee, 2010 – 2014.
  • Member of Iraq’s Parliament, 2010 – 2014.
  • Member and Rapporteur of the Legal Committee of the Iraqi Parliament 2006 – 2010.
  • Member of Iraq’s Parliament 2006 – 2010.


  • Kurdish (native)
  • Arabic