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Colonel William David, director of Kurdistan coalition coordination center and his accompanied delegation met with the Reform Directorate of the Ministry of Peshmerga

On 15-6-2021, colonel William David, director of Kurdistan coordination center, and his accompanied delegation, including several German military officers, met with the Reform Directorate of the Peshmerga Ministry.
At the meeting, Reform Director Brigadier General Nabaz Salah Sediq highlighted the latest developments in the reform process within the Peshmerga forces, and later called for more support and assistance from coalition forces to speed up reform steps and achieve more achievements and goals

In return, colonel William Davis showed his coalition's readiness to allocate necessary advisors for the number of reform projects that have not been implemented, including the 70 and 80 forces unification project, working to support the Peshmerga ministry's cooperation project with the Iraqi Ministry of Defense.
Finally , he showed the coalition forces' readiness to participate and give more advice to teams working on reform projects.