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Investment Opportunities

1. Agricultural projects; including orchards

2. Food industries; such as meat and dairy products along with fruit juices

3. Car manufacturing, assembling and heavy-duty machinery

4. Petrochemical industry

5. Cement factories

6. Domestic electrical appliance; such as televisions, refridgerators and air conditioning units

7. Dye industry

8. Paper mills

9. Cermaic plants

10. Glass factories

11. Aluminium and PVC extrusion factories

12. Plastic production household items

13. Five star hotels

14. Cable car and tourist complexes

15. Hospitals (400 beds or more)

16. Construction of housing complexes

17. Infrastructure projects; such as railways, bridges, tunnels, dams and highways

18. Trade fairs (permanent)

19. Global franchise restaurants

20. Construction industry; which introduces new technology such as turn-key construction and brick

21. Furniturefactories using enhanced technology

22. Cattle and calf breeding centres

23. Iron and steel plants

24. Electrical transformers and cable factories

25. Universities, institutes and training centres

26. Schools that uphold an international standard

27. Manufacture of stationary and school supplies

28. Leather bags factory

29. Clothes factory (mass production)

30. Soap and detergent factory

31. Production of poultry, meat and table eggs

32. Agricultural machinery

33. Textile and carpet factories

34. Juice, soft drinks and spirits factories

35. Greenhouse projects

36. Fertiliser plants

37. Plastic pipe plants

38. Electric pole plants

39. Barrels and plastic tank factories

40. Production of wooden doors (ready)

41. Factories producing oil for cooking (e.g. sunflower, vegetbale, corn, olive)

42. Factories producing table salt, flour and tomato puree

43. Factory producing cotton buds

44. Factory for production of celiling tiles; both PVC and GYPSUM