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A strong and trusted global partner

The Kurdistan Regional Government's commitment to building a prosperous and strong Kurdistan is essential to the long-term stability of the region.

At the same time, this government will prioritise peaceful relations with its neighbours, and ensure we are respected around the world.

Common interests and mutual respect

The Kurdistan Regional Government has proved itself a valuable international partner, across trade, the economy and security. Most recently, we shouldered the burden of the fight against ISIS, on behalf of free nations everywhere.

Kurdistan has become a haven of tolerance in this region. We have welcomed millions of refugees at their moment of greatest need. We require the international community's support to protect and preserve this haven.

Kurdistan embraces religious and ethnic diversity, and promotes peaceful coexistence. We maintain good relations with our neighbours and allies, based on mutual understanding. We respect these countries to administer their own affairs. In return, we expect to govern our region without outside interference.

Our values

Kurdistan is proud of its long-term commitment to democracy, to religious and cultural coexistence and to the rule of law - values that make us equal partners with the international community.

We have strong alliances and friendships with Western countries, as evidenced by the defeat of ISIS, wider security cooperation and training, and strong trade relations worth billions.

Today, our allies are actively assisting us to reform and enhance our security and government sectors.

Looking to the future

This government’s priority is to expand our strong international relationships.

We will strengthen our diplomatic network overseas, ensuring Kurdistan sits at the centre of vital discussions on security and trade.

Closer to home, we will create the right conditions for more foreign investors to tap into the range of investment opportunities in Kurdistan.

Ultimately, it is in the best interests of our friends and allies to give us their understanding and support as we build a secure, welcoming and outward-looking Kurdistan.