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Masrour Barzani

The Prime Minister

Qubad Talabani

Deputy Prime Minister

Farsat Ahmad Abdullah

Minister of Justice

Shoresh Ismail Abdulla

Minister of Peshmerga Affairs

Rebar Ahmed Khalid

Minister of Interior

Awat Janab Noori

Minister of Finance and Economy

Saman Hussein Muhammad

Minister of Health

Alan Hama Saeed Salih

Minister of Education

Dana Abdulkareem Hamasalih

Minister of Construction and Housing

Sasan Othman Awni Habib

Minister of Municipalities and Tourism

Aram Mohammad Qadir

Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research

Dara Rashid Mahmud

Minister of Planning

Kwestan Mohamad Abdulla Maarouf

Minister of Labour and Social Affairs

Mohammad Said Ali

Minister of Culture and Youth

Abdullah Mahmood Mohammad

Minister of Martyrs and Anfal Affairs

Begard Dlshad Shukralla

Minister of Agriculture and Water Resources

Kamal Muslim Saeed

Minister of Trade and Industry

Ano Jawhar Abdulmaseeh Abdoka

Minister of Transport and Communications

Pshtiwan Sadq Abdullah

Minister of Endowment and Religious Affairs

Kamal Mohammad Salih Khalil

Minister of Electricity

Minister of State for Negotiation Affairs with the Federal Government

Aydin Maruf Selim

Minister of State

Vala Fareed Ibrahim

Minister of State

Umed Sabah Othman

President of the Diwan of Council of Ministers