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A constructive and stable partnership with Baghdad

This government marks a new era for the Kurdistan region and that means renewing our relationship with our partners in the government of the Federal Republic of Iraq. The administration’s priority is to develop a constructive and stable partnership with Baghdad built on a foundation of mutual respect and meaningful cooperation. This includes a clear understanding of both parties’ rights and duties.

We share a set of mutual interests with Baghdad covering trade, the security of our borders and the economic prosperity of our citizens. Those interests can only be realised through partnership, not ongoing contestation. There are long-term issues that need to be addressed and this government is committed to exploring new avenues of dialogue. The aim must be to leave behind past disputes in favour of developing new approaches to shared challenges.

The constitution will be the fundamental basis of negotiations with Baghdad, which will be led by a dedicated, high-level KRG negotiation team. Engagement will focus on the following issues:

Annual budget allocation for Kurdistan

We settle the division of revenue formula that determines the annual budget allocation, securing a fair and lasting deal for Kurdistan.

Distribution of oil and gas resources

We will seek the full implementation of Articles 111 and 112, reinforcing Kurdistan’s rights regarding the equitable distribution and development of oil and gas resources. If supported, our agenda will result in increased transparency and investment in the oil and gas sector, as well as an expansion in oil exports for both Iraq and Kurdistan.

Military and security cooperation

We will work to strengthen our capability to combat shared threats, address security dynamics in disputed territories and ensure the Peshmerga are included in Iraq’s defence policy.

Territorial disputes

We will work to resolve territorial disputes in line with the roadmap laid out in Article 140 of the constitution. Until that roadmap has been implemented, the government will prioritise joint-coordination of security and administration in those disputed areas with Baghdad.

Political cooperation

We will work to consolidate our political cooperation with the government in Baghdad, emphasising the principles of partnership, consensus and balance that underpin the constitution.

Compensation for martyrs

In line with article 132 of the constitution, we will reinforce our constitutional right to compensation for martyrs, victims of Anfal and those affected by the previous regimes.