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Our plans to reform Kurdistan's economy

The new Kurdistan Regional Government will create a stronger, diversified economy that delivers more prosperity for everyone.

The elements of this plan are:

Reducing debt

The government is committed to encouraging investment and development opportunities across the whole of Kurdistan. However, changes won't happen overnight. Firstly, we must take control of the region's finances and reduce our debts.

This will involve working constructively with Baghdad to gain the federal government's help in tackling our debts, while gaining a fairer share of all revenues.

Promoting economic diversity

Kurdistan's economy has benefitted greatly from oil and gas reserves. However, times change, and we must create new opportunities for ourselves.

One of the government's priorities involves putting in place economic diversification measures. In addition to exploiting our wealth of sustainable energy sources, these initiatives will also encourage investment in three key sectors: industry, agriculture and tourism.

Making it easier to do business in Kurdistan

We will create the right regulatory framework to encourage foreign and domestic entrepreneurs, make it easier to do business in Kurdistan and invest in infrastructure across the region. We’re also creating a digital “one-stop-shop” to cut bureaucratic red tape and ensure business owners can quickly get the support and advice they need to thrive.

Kurdistan's future economic prospects are bright. Potential investors and business partners will draw encouragement from the new government's determination to tackle its fiscal challenges in a robust and transparent manner, while laying the foundations for sustained and widespread economic growth.