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Saman Hussein Muhammad

Minister of Health

Year of Birth:                                     1978

Marital Status:                                  Married, 3 Children

Place of Residence:                          Erbil

Qualifications and Education:

  • PhD in Medical Science, Hawler Medical University
  • Master’s Degree in Medical Science, Hawler Medical University
  • Bachelor’s Degree, Medical College, Salahaddin University

Work Experience and Responsibilities:  

  • General Director of Health,
  • Doctor at the Maternity Department of Erbil Hospital / Children’s Emergency Department.
  • Doctor at the Emergency Department (AE) Hospital.
  • Doctor at the Heart Department of Erbil Hospital.
  • Doctor at the Lung Department of Erbil Hospital.
  • General Practitioner at Erbil Hospital.


  • Kurdish (native)
  • Arabic (advanced)
  • English (advanced)