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The Kurdistan region of Iraq has a stable security situation in which it operates. This region compared to other regions in Iraq is known to be the safest region in the area. Till now no attacks have occurred in the region due to it's safety, the peaceful security situation in the region has had a positive effect on the local community and has help to restore Kurdistan natural between and has helped to boost it's economy. 

This stability has been vital to investment by foreign investors in the region as feel reassured that there investments are safe in the region. They do not have this sense of safety and security in other parts of Iraq which has hindered investment in the rest of Iraq.

All three govern orates of Kurdistan have become a safe haven for citizens from central and southern Iraq who have faced the fear of terrorism and attack from their former towns and cities.  The responsibility of security in this region is in the hand of a handful of security organisation that currently operate in the region.

The most important agencies for securing security in the region are Parastin Agency & the Ministry of Interior, these agencies have put a lot of hard work and careful planning into securing stability to enable Kurdish prosperity in their own region which enabled us to help advise or support brining safety and security to other regions of Iraq, in previous years Kurdish forces along with coalition forces were able to carry out anti-terror operations to secure stability in the region. A lot of Kurdish forces are now integrated into the Iraqi army and are having a positive effect on security in other regions of Iraq, 

Kurdish security agencies have worked hard in combating terrorism and uncovering major terrorist networks in the region. One of the most important factors behind this healthy security situation in Kurdistan is the cooperation between citizens and the Security agencies, as citizens have full trust in their security forces and also immediately report anything they deem as a security breach.

The security achievements in the region, can only be stabilised by the current forces working together to keep law & order in the region. On going Cooperation between citizens and security agencies maintains Kurdistan’s peaceful status quo.