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Kurdistan has an amazing climate and scenery that will impress anyone from the corners of the globe, with summers which an extremely sunny and hot to winters which entail snow creating a beautiful scenery especially in the mountainous regions. 

The rich history of the land, means there a lot to see in the region such as historical sites like the oldest citadel in the world in Erbil to the ancient bridge of Delal in Zakho these sites are ideal spots for the adventurous traveler to discover for themselves the rich history and resources that this region has to offer, with a Kurdish hospitality and the ever increasing safety in the region visitors can feel safe and welcomed in this part of Iraq. 

By Air

The two major routes to Kurdistan have been operated by Austrian Airlines (Vienna) and Lufthansa (Frankfurt) that offer transit via these cities to Erbil, so you can get from London to Erbil in a matter of hours, these so far have proved to be the most efficient and reliable flights to the region.

Other Smaller airlines that have regular flights to the region are:
Air Berlin (Through Munich), Royal Jordanian Airlines (through Amman); Flying Carpet Airlines (through Beirut); Iraqi Air (through Baghdad); Zozik Air (through Frankfurt, Munich); Kurdistan Airlines (through Dubai); Zagros Air (through Dubai); Atosh Air (through Stockholm); Fly Air (through Istanbul), and Azmar Air (through Istanbul, Dubai, Tehran). Fly Dubai,

A new airport opened this spring in Erbil, becoming one of the largest airports in the Middle East; it will consist of 16 gates that will be able to cater for around 700 passengers an hour and a runway capable of holding the biggest aircraft including Airbus 8380.

The Kurdistan Region’s Airports:

Erbil International Airport (EBL)

It is advised that passengers arrive at Erbil International Airport at least 2.5 hours before their departures to allow sufficient time to board the shuttle bus and go through the security check point to the departure terminal.

Sulaymaniyah International Airport (ISU)

Please note that airline routes and schedules to Kurdistan are expanding. Please confirm details of flights directly with the operator as they may be subject to change.

By Land

Taxis are waiting are both airports to pick up passengers so there is no need to book in advance. Also in all cities in the region there is a regular influx of taxis, which can be hailed on the street. The main for form of public transport between major cities is a shared taxi, the price is normally set price between the major cities this is then split according between the passengers in the car share. The average charge for use around the city is around $2.

Private Car Service
There is also the option of hiring a car with or without a driver. If you choose to have a driver he can stay with you throughout your stay. This will offer you the chance to take time to travel and explore Kurdistan more, with a local driver they will know the most ideal places to go and can help you plan your trip.

There are bus services from Erbil to all cities in the Region, and into the south as well. There are two main Bus Terminals, East and North, in Erbil. Hotels can give comprehensive timetable information.

International Driver’s License 
The International Driver’s License is not accepted in Kurdistan. If you would like to drive in Kurdistan you may go to the police station, where you can show your current driver’s license and be issued a permit. This permit will be good for one month only; it is renewable for additional one-month periods at a time.