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Agenda of Regular Meeting of the Council of Ministers

Meeting Number: 3
Date: Tuesday, 30 July 2019
Time and place: 11:00, Council of Ministers

Section 1:
Discuss outcomes of the meeting of the High-Level Joint Committee of the Federal Government of Iraq and the Kurdistan Regional Government, held on 27 July 2019 under the supervision of the Prime Minister of Kurdistan Region and the Deputy Prime Minister for Energy of the Iraqi Federal Government.

Section 2:
Proposal to establish a Civil Service Council for Kurdistan Region per article (8) of the Civil Service Council Law No. 7, of 2011, consistent with the KRG cabinet agenda for public sector reform.

Section 3:
Proposal to reorganise management and allocation of internal revenues from government bodies (ministries, boards, and other bodies unassociated with ministries) through the Ministry of Finance and Economy. To include the adoption of new regulations and the establishment of a unified mechanism within the Ministry of Finance and Economy to appropriate part of those revenues for relevant authorities.

Section 4:
Review of the Reform Law for Pensions, Salaries and Allowances. The bill was previously voted on by parliament on 27 February 2018 but not enacted. In line with Section One of the KRG agenda on reforms, the Council will now review and prepare a revised bill to be presented to parliament.

Section 5:
Preparation of new regulations to protect tourists and locals at Kurdistan Region’s tourist areas. Regulations to be prepared by the Ministry of Municipalities and Tourism and the Ministry of Interior, in coordination with the relevant authorities.