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First Regular Meeting of KRG Council of Ministers

The Council of Ministers of the Kurdistan Regional Government held its first regular meeting presided over by Prime Minister Masrour Barzani.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss measures to improve government efficiencies, reduce bureaucracy and tackle corruption. This is in line with the new government’s commitment to delivering stronger services and increasing transparency across the public sector.

The Council agreed to adopt and enforce the following principles:

  1. All ministers, senior officials and government employees are required to be at work during official office hours, Sunday to Thursday.
  2. No employee is allowed to leave the office for non-work purposes during office hours, or fulfil other duties outside their office tasks.
  3. Employees should not disclose classified office information outside official channels.
  4. All government departments should reduce bureaucracy and accelerate processing procedures. It is the primary duty of government departments to respond to people’s demands and take action when a complaint is filed. Upon delay or rejection of an application, the relevant office should provide the applicant with clear reasons.
  5. It is the fundamental duty of Ministers and other senior officials to eradicate bribery. All those suspected of engaging in bribery will be investigated and violators will be prosecuted in line with the law.