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Barzan road connects Kurdistan directly to Turkey

The Barzan route is one of Duhok province’s most important roads, connecting the Kurdistan Region to Turkey, as well as connecting Duhok to its neighbouring towns and cities.

Speaking to the Kurdistan Regional Government's official website, Ismaeel Mustafa the press officer for the Directorate of Duhok Municipalities said: “This project has been designed to ease the public's travel and decrease road accidents.”

Construction of the project’s first section consisting of underpasses, overpasses and public roads, began in mid-2019 and was completed in 2022 with an estimated cost of 73 billion Iraqi Dinars.

A second section of the project is now under construction. Mustafa explained that: “U-turns and a six-thousand-meter-long public road have already been constructed with a cost of 13 billion ID. The next phase will include several underpasses and overpasses, leading to a reduction in traffic congestion.”

The Kurdistan Regional Government is committed to implementing its strategic and service projects throughout the region to enhance quality of life for all citizens.

The Department of Media and Information
April 6th, 2023