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Kurdistan Region to build three new dams

In coordination with the Iraqi Ministry of Water Resources, the Kurdistan Region will construct three new strategic dams to capture one billion cubic meters of water.

Within the framework of the Kurdistan Regional Government’s strategic plan to fight drought, three dams named “Dalga”, “Mandawa”, and “Bakrman” will be constructed in the Erbil, Duhok and Raparin administrations.

The Kurdistan Region’s Minister of Agriculture and Water Resources said “The General Directorate of Dams in the Kurdistan Region has developed construction plans for these three dams, which will increase the water supplies in the region and protect water security.”

Last year, two dams in Garmian and Darbandikhan were constructed and filled with water in 2023. They have a total capacity of 22 million cubic meters.

The three new dams will create a remarkable resource for capturing water, generating electricity and improving agriculture in the Kurdistan Region.

The Department of Media and Information
April 26, 2023