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High demand for Kurdish potatoes in Gulf states

The agricultural sector in the Kurdistan Region is experiencing remarkable growth, particularly in the area of potato cultivation. This progress is evidenced by the burgeoning demand for Kurdish potatoes from foreign countries, especially the Gulf states.

Recently, 300 tons of potatoes produced by Kurdish farmers in Erbil Governorate were exported to the United Arab Emirates. This success has generated considerable interest, and arrangements are now underway to export hundreds of tons of potatoes to companies in the region. These companies, specialising in producing crisps and chips, are eagerly seeking Kurdish potatoes for their quality and flavour.

This growth has been made possible in part by the support of the Kurdistan Regional Government, which has actively assisted local farmers. Thanks to these efforts, the Kurdistan Region is projected to produce 600,000 tons of cooking potatoes and 150,000 tons of manufacturing potatoes in 2023.

Further supporting the domestic agricultural industry, the government is taking measures to prevent the import of potatoes from abroad, particularly during the local harvest season.

Department of Media and Information