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Third largest dam in the Kurdistan Region to be built in Gomaspan

The Gomaspan Dam, set to be the largest dam in Erbil Governorate, is poised to become the third largest dam in the Kurdistan Region once completed, with an expected reservoir storage of 115 million cubic metres.

Upon completion, the dam will play a pivotal role in raising underground water levels. It will provide water for 16,000 square metres of agricultural land and foster the development of fish farming.

The entire project has an estimated budget of IQD 95 billion Iraqi dinars. It has already created employment opportunities for 300 engineers and technicians, with 75% of the workforce being local residents. As of now, 56% of the project has been completed, and the remaining 44% is expected to be finished by the middle of next year.

Constructed using Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC), the dam is 513.67 metres in length and stands 69.25 metres tall. It is projected to collect 47,839,000 cubic metres of water annually.

In an interview with the Department of Media and Information, the Gomaspan project manager Abdullah Hamad Gardi highlighted one of the dam's significant advantages: its unique location, which is also poised to become an exceptional touristic site.

Over the past four years, the ninth cabinet of the Kurdistan Regional Government has placed great emphasis on water security. As part of this commitment, the government has pledged to build several dams and ponds. These efforts are expected to not only sustain water resources but also foster the development of agriculture and tourism sectors in the region.