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Kurdistan Region Commences Export of Apples to Qatar

Today, on December 20, 2023, Erbil International Airport witnessed the launch of the first apple export from the Kurdistan Region to Qatar. The event was attended by Begard Talabani, Minister of Agriculture and Water Resources, who oversaw the shipment of five tonnes of Barwari apples to Qatar via air freight.

Minister Talabani proudly declared the commencement of Barwari apple exports, marking the first step in a broader initiative aimed at showcasing the Kurdistan Region's agricultural prowess on the global market.

She expressed her sincere appreciation to the Kurdistan Regional Government for empowering local farmers, increasing production, identifying international markets, and promoting economic diversity within the region.

The next phase of the apple export process will involve the active participation of 10 local farmers, fostering further growth in the industry and creating an impressive 600 jobs within the region.