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Over 1,000 Corruption Cases Investigated in 2023, Leading to 230 Prosecutions

Dr. Ahmad Anwar, Head of the Kurdistan Region’s Integrity Commission, has reported to the Department of Media and Information that in 2023 the commission diligently investigated a total of 1,010 corruption cases, resulting in 230 cases being forwarded to the courts. Over the past five years, a significant 897 corruption cases have been referred to special tribunals since the enactment of the Reforms Act. Furthermore, Dr. Anwar disclosed that 178 individuals, including high-ranking officials such as ministers, have faced prosecution for corruption charges during this time.

The Head of the KRIC emphasised the commission's pivotal role in combating corruption from 2019 to 2023, presenting four comprehensive reports to the High Reforms Committee, with ongoing investigations into these cases.

Dr. Anwar also highlighted the importance of effective collaboration between the Office of Public Prosecution, the Legal Office at the Council of Ministers, and the ministries, acknowledging their crucial role in the fight against corruption.

Under the leadership of the Ninth Cabinet of the Kurdistan Regional Government, reform and anti-corruption initiatives take precedence as the central focus of its agenda, aligning with the principles of good governance. The cabinet remains steadfast in its tireless efforts to eradicate corruption, reaffirming its unwavering commitment to this ongoing process.