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300 cubic meters of heavy water is treated daily in Duhok


The heavy water treatment plant is one of the strategic projects of the Kurdistan Region Government (KRG) in Duhok province. The plant is part of the agenda of the ninth cabinet of the Kurdistan Region Government to implement strategic projects to reduce environmental risks.

The plant is the largest heavy water treatment plant in the Kurdistan Region and will affect the increase in groundwater.

Ashwaq Zanoon, director of the heavy water treatment plant in Duhok province said "The plant operates naturally and without the use of any equipment and receives more than 70,000 cubic meters of water monthly"

The station, built in 2019, covers an area of ​​20 donums and cost $1 million.

Our daily production is 300 cubic meters of water, in addition to 30 to 40 tankers of heavy water from different parts of Duhok province, then we will treat it in several stages and scientifically .

The treated water can be reused for livestock and agriculture, and will also increase groundwater.

Department of Media and Information
February 11, 2023