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KRG delegation meets with Iraq’s ministry of oil

The Kurdistan Region Government (KRG) delegation on Sunday met with a delegation from the federal government’s ministry of oil.

In the meeting, Kurdistan’s Finance Minister and the head of the delegation Awat Janab Noori unveiled KRG’s viewpoint on the oil and gas law draft by the federal government of Iraq.

He explained that “Kurdistan Region Government hopes to reach an agreement with the federal government within the framework of constitution and to serve the interests of all citizens of Iraq and Kurdistan.”

Kamal Mohamad, acting minister for the Ministry of Natural Resources, shared the details of KRG’s stand on the draft.

For his part, Dr. Umed Sabah, President of the Diwan of Council of Ministers defined the oil and gas law as a significant one and revealed KRG’s visions on the issue.

As a part of constant efforts to resolve pending issues between Erbil and Baghdad, a Kurdistan Region Government delegation headed to Baghdad on Saturday.

The delegation includes Awat Janab Nuri, Minister of Finance and Economy, Kamal Mohammed, Minister of Electricity, Dr. Omid Sabah, President of the Diwan of the Council of Ministers, Dr. Jutiar Adel, spokesman for the Kurdistan Region Government, Dr. Khalid Hadi Chawshly, Head of the Kurdistan Region's Auditing Diwan, and Fares Isa, Kurdistan Region Government (KRG)’s representative to Baghdad.

In the series of scheduled meetings, the KRG delegation will discuss the budget law, the oil and gas law, Article 140, and compensation for the people of the Kurdistan Region impacted by the harms carried out by the former Iraqi regime.