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KRG opens special center for arms trade and training

As part of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) commitment to rearrange gun markets and implement weapon ownership law as well as monitoring the works of security companies, the Ministry of Interior has released a special guidance.

According to the new regulations, each province and autonomous administration of Kurdistan must have its own center devoted to selling firearms, repairing weapons, and training security companies’ personnel, all under the supervision of the government.

The characteristics of these special centers will be matched with the size, construction, and safety measures in each province. Meanwhile, details of all activities conducted in these centers, including gun sales and training, will be monitored by the Ministry of Interior through a digital system.

Public and private sectors jointly design these centers and follow safety standards in establishing the houses, green areas, car parks etc.

The purpose of this project is to regulate gun markets and illicit transfer and misuse of arms, while rearranging the works of security companies under the supervision of the government, and in a way that matches the international standards.

Department of Media and Information

February 15, 2023