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KRG Spokesman: Baghdad-Erbil negotiation continues

In his weekly press conference, the spokesman for the Kurdistan Regional Government and the head of Media and Information Department, Jutiar Adel, talked about the Council of Ministers' latest meeting on February 8, 2023.


Mr. Adel thanked people in Kurdistan for their sympathy and help to the victims of the earthquake in Syria and Turkey. He also announced that under the command of Prime Minister Masrour Barzani, emergency aids and rescue teams have been deployed in the quack-zones and KRG launched a campaign to deliver further assistance to those who have been affected.


Regarding KRG’s aid conveys, the spokesman said: “The deployed rescue teams in Syria and Turkey contain 84 personnel, 25 ambulances, 10 teams from Erbil and 15 teams from Duhok. 30 doctors have been sent: 6 emergency physicians, 4 bone doctors, 2 surgeons, a specialist in brain and spinal cord, 17 other emergency practitioners and general surgeons, and 26 rapid response healthcare providers. In addition, 14 tons of medicines have been delivered.”


He also added: “KRG will continue providing logistical, financial, and political support to those teams. We also thank all parties including Ministries of Interior and Health and Foreign Affairs for their great role in deploying the teams in the quack-zones in Turkey and Syria.”


Regarding aid delivery process in Syria, Mr. Adel stated: “The political and security situation in Syria is not stable and the country is under sanction, therefore the aid delivery in that area is very slow and requires overlong checking. Yet, we will continue sending our aid to the Syrian people.”


Asking by reporters about the safety of buildings in the Kurdistan Region, the KRG Spokesman said: “Constructions in Kurdistan match international standards, but it is very important for civilians to follow the safety tips in the time of disasters.”


Mr. Adel has also highlighted some of the most important issues discussed during the Council of Ministers ‘meeting on Wednesday.



“The Council passed a resolution on ‘The Board for Legitimizing Academic and Educational Institutions and Program’ to enhance the academic proficiency of the educational entities and their programs as well as increasing work opportunities and organizing the job market. They will be evaluated within the framework of international standards.”


“Another topic of discussion focused on improving public services including resolving the electricity and water problems in Darbandikhan, which respective organs were assigned to solve these problems,” he explained.


On the negotiation between Erbil and Baghdad, Mr. Adel announced: “The negotiation continues, and it is well-coordinated. There are common understandings and disagreements. Discussions focus partly on budget and partly on laws which have been voted for, such as oil and gas law and article 140. Willingness exists within two sides to resolve pending issues.”