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KRG Spokesman: negotiation with Baghdad makes positive results

The Kurdistan Region Government (KRG) Spokesman announced on Monday that the delegation from Erbil made multiple constructive meetings with officials in Baghdad, which ended in positive results.

Dr. Jutiar Adel added that they expect to reach a mutual understanding with Baghdad on pending issues.

He told the official website of KRG: “In the last two days, the Kurdistan Region Government delegation held three significant meetings. The first one was with the Iraqi ministry of oil and the discussions focused on oil and gas law. Meanwhile, the KRG delegation presented its recommendations on this issue. Later, main principles of the oil and gas law were discussed.”

Dr. Adel said that “today, the KRG delegation met with officials to design the final points within the 2023 federal budget law. Moreover, we reached mutual understanding after discussing basic principles. We also discussed the essential articles that should be included within the budget law.”

“A KRG delegation met today with the Iraqi Commission of Border Crossing Points discussing mutual works between Erbil and Baghdad, increasing collaboration on tariffs. There has been mutual understanding, while several issues remained to be discussed and agreed upon.”

Department of Media and Information

February 13, 2023