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KRG Spokesman: Negotiations with Baghdad continue


In its recent visit to Baghdad, the Kurdistan Regional Government delegation discussed the oil and gas law with the Iraqi Ministry of Oil.

In an interview with the official website of the KRG, the KRG Spokesman and a member of the delegation, Dr. Jutiar Adel said: “The Kurdistan Regional Government visited Baghdad based on the political agreement in forming Mohammed Al Sudani’s government; for designing the 2023 budget law, the oil and gas law, as well as similar matters. Further, in a meeting with Iraqi Oil Minister, Hayan Abdul-Ghani, general discussions focused on the oil and gas law and affiliated issues. The negotiations are ongoing.”

Reiterating on KRG’s willingness to reach an agreement with Baghdad, Dr. Adel stated: “the KRG delegation discussed the budget law with the Iraqi delegation and decided on forming a joint legal committee to design and write the content of both the budget, and the oil and gas law. This team has been scheduled to visit Baghdad in the two coming days.”

The KRG Spokesman mentioned that there has been a mutual understanding on the general issues related to the oil and gas law, but there is a need for more negotiation and agreements to be discussed and worked on by the joint committee.

“The oil and gas law is vital and necessary for the whole of Iraq. The oil sector faces many issues, however, there are no laws to resolve them; this sector is currently working with a set of laws which was designed in 1976. Therefore, the oil and gas law will not only be resolving issues between the Kurdistan Region and Baghdad, but as well, the whole of Iraq by reviewing the oil sector in this country.”

In its visit to Baghdad, the KRG delegation met with Alina Romanowski, the US Ambassador to Iraq. The two sides agreed on the necessity of resolving pending issues between Erbil and Iraq within the framework of the constitution.

The delegation also met with the head of the finance committee at the Iraqi Council of Ministers, Atwan al-Atwani, discussing future steps in passing budget law, with the coordination of all parts.