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Kurdistan generates about 7000 tons of trash daily

Waste management in Kurdistan is part of the government's duties and a special budget has been devoted to this issue.

The Kurdistan Region generates 6900 tons of garbage every day. The cost of collecting and reducing each ton is 50,000 Iraqi dinars (33.82 USD).

Mr. Aras Foad director of environmental services at the Ministry of Municipalities and Tourism told the official website of the Kurdistan Region Government: “The ninth cabinet of the government has given special importance to the matter of protecting the environment, especially resolving the issue of metal waste. Steps have been taken in investigating and studying the issues. Part of this effort is the Erbil project that is now under study by a team of experts, and we are waiting for their final report before implementing the plan.”

Mr. Foad also highlighted: “contracts made with all municipalities in the Kurdistan region; they have all taken the same procedures to collect and diminish trash. The Kurdistan Region Government provides free service of collecting and reducing garbage throughout the region, except for the trade centers.”

“To protect the environment in Kurdistan, the next step of KRG is to include reusing and recycling processes into its waste management plans.”


Department of Media and Information

February 6, 2023