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Kurdistan Region Government continues its campaign for earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria

The Kurdistan Region Government (KRG) has launched a campaign to help the victims of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria and So far, it has delivered large amounts of humanitarian aid to the earthquake-hit areas.

The campaign is supervised by the provinces and autonomous administrations and daily welcome citizens who bring their aid and they register it according to normal procedures and send it to the places affected by the earthquake.

Srwa Rasul, Director of Migration and crisis in Erbil told the official website of the Kurdistan Region Government: “This campaign has been very warmly welcomed by citizens, at the same time companies have participated very well and several trucks daily send to the earthquake places.”

After the earthquake, the Council of Ministers decided to send several relief teams to the affected areas of Turkey and Syria. The Kurdistan Region Government (KRG) considers it to own duty to provide humanitarian assistance and relief to the victims of natural disasters in neighboring countries.

"A large amount of aid has been collected and sent to the victims, including daily necessities and winter clothes for adults and children".

The campaign comes at a time when the Kurdistan Region Government (KRG) has been delivering humanitarian aid to the earthquake-hit areas of Turkey and Syria for several days and the process will continue.

Department of Media and Information
February 12, 2023