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Kurdistan Region rescue teams’ aids for earthquake victims continue

Three emergency aid teams have been sent to Turkey under the command of Kurdistan Region’s Prime Minister Masrour Barzani after powerful earthquakes hit Turkey and Syria.


The appointed teams involve members of Ministries of Interior and Health as well as Barzani Charity Foundation.


Dr. Saman Barzanji, the Health Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government, told the official website of Kurdistan Region Government: “The Prime Minister of Kurdistan Region called for conveying humanitarian and emergency aids to assist the victims of the earthquake. Under his command, aid teams consisting of doctors, experts, nurses, and ambulances as well as medicines were formed and sent to the earthquake-zone in Turkey in a few hours.”


The team affiliated with the Ministry of Interior are experts in searching for and digging trapped survivors.


Regarding the rescue team, Dr. Hemin Mirani, Director General of Diwan at the Ministry of Interior explained: “After the Prime Minister’s command, four teams from the Ministry of Interior formed and sent to the impacted zones: Joint Crisis Coordination Center, which are rescue teams, Civil Protection Department, Directorates of civil affairs in Erbil and Duhok, which are expert in searching and digging trapped survivors. These teams joined the teams of the Ministry of Health and Barzani Charity Foundation and reached Turkey.”


Regarding KRG’s message on the move, he said: “This is a humanitarian case and the events that occurred there required KRG’s immediate action alongside with the international community’s efforts to help the victims.”


Barzani Charity Foundation plays a remarkable role in distributing tents and foods as well as assisting the victims of the quack.


on the organization’s role and the command received From the Prime Minister, Mousa Ahmad, president of the foundation highlighted: “on the command of the Prime Minister, our teams have been deployed in the quack-zone. Besides, many volunteers have been registered and multiple groups of these volunteers are now working with our teams.”


“To increase the efficiency of the aiding process, we are in touch with our teams to make adjustments according to the needs of each specific area.”


The Kurdistan Regional Government defines assisting neighboring countries at the time of crisis as a part of its responsibility. In the coming days, KRG will expand its rescue and emergency aids to include Syria.


Department and Media and Information

February 9, 2023