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Kurdistan to export three more agriculture products in 2023

The Prime Minister of Kurdistan Region Masrour Barzani and his administration has been following a reform plan to develop the agricultural sector of the Kurdistan Region and to find domestic and international markets for local produce,, consequently boosting and diversifying the region’s economy.
Within the framework of the reform plan, the KRG is finding international markets for agricultural products. In the year 2023, apple, grape and honey of Kurdistan are expected to reach international markets.
In March 2022, in his visit to the United Arab Emirates, Prime Minister Masrour Barzani started to find markets for Kurdistan’s agricultural commodities as a part of the Kurdistan Agriculture Export Initiative (KAEI) project, which is one of the unprecedented strategic projects envisioned and adopted by the Prime Minister's office.

Beside of pomegranate, three more products will be exported
After the successful export pilot project of Kurdistan’s pomegranates, three more products — apple, grape and honey — are currently in the works to be exported to the UAE and countries within the Gulf Cooperation Council in 2023. These three commodities were selected after careful evaluation of their quality, which matched the international standards.

The sale of Barwari apples throughout the Kurdistan Region
Following the success of the KAEI project, the Barwari apples of Kurdistan are now available in all branches of the Carrefour market throughout Kurdistan. This is an important step in finding domestic markets for local agriculture products.

The KRG through the Office of the Prime Minister helps Kurdistan’s farmers with testing, transporting, and marketing their products as well as finding international buyers for more agricultural commodities in the region.

The Kurdistan Regional Government has fulfilled its promises and found state and private buyers for Kurdistan’s agricultural products.

KRG Department of Media and Information