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Largest investments in Sulaymaniyah in KRG’s ninth cabinet


As part of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) commitment to peruse development, special focus was on sectors of agriculture, tourism, trade and industry.

Within the KRG’s ninth cabinet, efforts continue to create job opportunities and strengthen the economic basis of the region. In the past four years, 12400 job opportunities were created by the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

Speaking on the works of the Trade Ministry in KRG’s ninth cabinet, Nawzad Sheikh Kamil, Director General of Trade at the Ministry of Trade and Industry told the official website of KRG: “Ministry of Trade deals with import and export, as well as authorizing traders. The traders’ amount of investment changes annually.”

“The number of work permissions and the number of investments increased in the KRG’s ninth cabinet due to the facilitation of the services. In the past four years, work permissions have been issued for many trade and industrial factories, which had a total investment of more than a billion USD. Overall, these factories could create 12400 job opportunities for the locals,” he added.

The Director General of Trade also mentioned that “the largest amount of investment in the trade and industry sector and the biggest number of job opportunities were recorded in the Sulaymaniyah province.”

The Department of media and Information

February 19, 2023