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Promotion and service of employees will be reviewed


At the request of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, a committee was formed to identify the problems in the implementation of Financial Instruction No. 12 on reviewing the suspension of promotion of employees and counting their services within the framework of the implementation of the reform law.
In the first step, the committee appointed financial monitoring teams, the Commission of Integrity and a special committee in the Ministry of Finance and Economy for the issue of property in order to review and audit the files of employees.
Out of 32 institutions of the three judiciary, legislature and executive, 365 thousand 452 cases were reviewed, including 7 thousand 196 cases with additional ranks and 15 thousand 614 cases with additional salaries, the total difference in salary is 1 billion 360 million 808 thousand dinars.
In this context, to unite the personal files of Peshmergas, 41 thousand 982 out of 60 thousand 16 cases have been prepared for review and it is expected that their illegal cases in terms of promotion and salary increase will be identified soon.

Department of Media and Information
February 4, 2023