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The campaign to collects donations for earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria continues

The Kurdistan Region Government (KRG) has launched a campaign to collects donations for the victims of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria. The campaign is being supervised by the provinces and autonomous administrations.
The locations and bank accounts for the donations have been announced in all provinces and autonomous administrations of the Kurdistan Region.

Erbil Province
In Erbil province, a special bank account has been designed for this purpose, the bank account is (508) in Minara Bank and a special place for collecting aid and assistance in front of Shanadar Park.

Sulaimani Province
In Sulaimani province, a private bank account has been determined, which is (8095) in dinars and (1886) in dollars. There is also a special place in the National Museum of Amnasuraka to collect donations.

Duhok Province
In Duhok province, mosques (Judi, Qazi Mohammed, Haji Ibrahim Masiki, Shahid Mullah Amin) and Chira School building have been designated for collecting donations.

Halabja Province
In Halabja province, the collection point is located in front of the municipality of Halabja and in Khurmal district, the Khurmal public library building has been designated for collecting donations.

Zakho Administration
The Youth Directorate in Zakho and the Agriculture Directorate in Batipha district have been appointed to collect the donations. The telephone numbers (07504226850 - 07505303133 - 07504590885) have been assigned to collect the donations.

Raperin Administration
In the Raperin Autonomous Administration, the Presidency of Raperin University in Ranya and the city center in the traffic square in Qaladze have been appointed to collect the donations.

Garmian Administration
In Garmian Autonomous Administration, Haji Ahu Charitable House in Kalar, two sides of Youth House in Rzgari district and Social Welfare Directorate in Kufri district have been designated to collect the donations.

Soran Administration
In Soran Autonomous Administration, bank account number (4677) has been designated in Dilman Bank to collect donations, Sarwaran Mosque and Bazaar Square is the place to collect donations. At the same time, several telephone numbers have been identified, each in the area, including (07509165636) in Soran, (07507579565) in Rawandz, (07502464245) in Choman, and (07504565592) in Syedkan.

Kurdistan Region Government (KRG) Prime Minister Masrour Barzani has sent three teams to Turkey to help the victims of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria.

Department of Media and Information
February 10, 2023