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The first child was brought to Spain for cancer treatment

After a year of working on the project to treat children with cancer in the Kurdistan Region, on February 5, 2023, the first child, aged 2, was brought to Barcelona, ​​Spain.
The project is being implemented in collaboration with the Kurdistan Region Government's Foreign Relations Office, Government of Catalonia and the Spanish Ministry of Health.
This project is dedicated to children with cancer whose treatment is not easy in Kurdistan.
Aydin Ostan Executive of the Kurdistan Region Government Representation in Spain and Portugal told the official website of the Kurdistan Region Government: “Kurdistan Region Government Representation in Spain have been working on this project for more than a year It is difficult, so we are trying to bring them here. The first child is from Kirkuk and has arrived in Barcelona, ​​Spain.”
The cost of the surgery and medical procedures for the sick children is borne by the governments of Catalonia and Spain, and travel and accommodation is borne by Ronald McDonald".
The project is for all Kurdish children without discrimination. The first example is this child who has reached Catalonia and we hope to find a complete treatment and return to Kurdistan in good health and continue the project to serve other children.
The Kurdistan Region Government (KRG) has always been at the service of Kurdish citizens through its representations both inside and outside the country and this is another step taken in the health services in the ninth cabinet.

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