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Waste gas used to generate power in Garmian, Kurdistan


A significant step taken by the ninth cabinet of the Kurdistan Region Government (KRG) was to reduce the impact of waste gas on the environment and produce electricity using this gas from oil wells.

The Garmian waste-gas-to-power-plant project is a 165-MW facility of its kind in Iraq and Kurdistan, which generates power from Hasira oil wells. The plant was completed in 2021 and since has created 118 job opportunities for the residents.

The project was constructed on 35 donums land and consists of 180 generators and 45 exchangers. Each generator can produce 0.9 MW of electricity and its daily production has been estimated at 100 MW. Efforts continue to increase the generating amount.

The ninth cabinet has been working on environment-friendly policies to minimize the harms of waste gas on the environment. Besides its economic benefits, the project provides better electricity service to the residents in Garmian.

Department of Media and Information

February 13, 2023