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Point-to-point cameras reduce traffic accidents

The ninth cabinet of the Kurdistan Region Government (KRG) has taken measures to protect the safety of citizens to build a peaceful, safe and healthy society. In this context, any necessary steps will be taken in the interest of citizens and the implementation of point-to-point camera systems, which force drivers to limit speed to be safe, will be implemented in several parts of the Kurdistan Region.
The system will soon be operational in several areas of Erbil and Sulaimani and will be widely deployed in all the areas of the Kurdistan Region in the future.
After the completion of the 120-meter road in Erbil and opened to drivers, hundreds of traffic accidents have occurred on the road due to speeding, so this road will be one of the roads controlled by this system.

The purpose of setting up a point-to-point system
Fazel Haji, spokesman for the Erbil General Directorate of Traffic, said the main purpose of installing this system is to regulate traffic and reduce accidents and victims of citizens, and train drivers in the Kurdistan Region How to use the roads safely and civilly.”

Drivers' clarity
The streets are marked with speed limit signs and traffic instructions and these cameras are installed to ensure that drivers comply with these instructions.
"Currently, only speeding is registered for cars. We have determined the maximum speed limit on the streets. For example, the maximum speed limit is 110 kilometers per hour for cars and 80 kilometers per hour for trucks," he said Drivers who do not exceed the speed limit will never be punished, but if they exceed the speed limit, they will be fined accordingly.”

The trucks
Currently, the system records two types of violations for trucks, the first is speeding within the limit, the second is the location of trucks on the right side of the streets If he is speeding and changed location to the left or middle side of the streets, he will be charged with two violations and all these violations will be recorded in photographs.

Speed control
The spokesman of the Erbil Traffic Directorate said that the cameras will be installed on the streets of Erbil, and that the system will be installed on the highways, as well as the streets where drivers may speed traffic can be regulated and traffic accidents and the number of victims can be reduced.

Department of Media and Information
January 28, 2023