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KRG delegation holds meetings with Iraqi ministries and officials in Baghdad

On Tuesday, July 18, 2023, a Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) delegation convened at the Iraqi Prime Minister's office to discuss a range of significant topics. The meeting included discussions on finance, the budget allocation for the Kurdistan Region, reconciliation of previous months' balances, and non-oil revenues. They also addressed the funding of the Peshmerga forces and petrodollar issues.

Following this meeting, the KRG delegation visited the State Organization for Marketing of Oil (SOMO) to engage in conversations regarding oil exports from the Kurdistan Region, in adherence to the provisions outlined in the public budget law. Additionally, the meeting focused on the timely payments to oil companies operating within the Kurdistan Region.

Next, the delegation proceeded to the Ministry of Planning of Iraq to deliberate on the budget share dedicated to investment and development within the governorates of the Kurdistan Region.

Lastly, the delegation visited Mr. Ammar Subhi Khalaf, the recently appointed head of The Board of Supreme Audit of Iraq, to offer congratulations on his new position.