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Kurdistan Regional Government lunches Sako Project

The Kurdistan Regional Government's (KRG) Department of Media and Information has officially unveiled the Sako (platform) Project. According to Dr. Jotiar Adil, the department's director, the project's primary objective is to convey the activities of the government with precision while actively refuting and correcting fake news and disinformation.

In a meeting held on Monday, July 31, 2023, convened with directors of the media departments and spokespersons from all government ministries, Dr. Adil introduced and announced the newest initiative in the KRG's media strategy, the Sako Project.

The project's objective is to confront and counteract fake news and disinformation disseminated by multiple media outlets. Such misleading information can skew public opinion and obscure proper awareness.

"Sako's mission is to challenge and correct disinformation, debunk deceitful propaganda, and enhance the public's ability to discern truth," stated Dr. Adil. Further, he added, "The project aims to provide the public with trustworthy information, conveying news in a refined and sophisticated manner. This approach intends to foster a professional discourse through coordination and cooperation among the KRG's various ministries and departments. And for this purpose, the Department of Media and Information stands ready to provide necessary support."

The Ninth Cabinet of the KRG is fully cognisant of the ongoing attempts to disseminate fake news and propaganda against the government. Such efforts seek to sow discord and create a divide between the government and the public. Consequently, Sako is set to counter these attempts via a series of media projects. It pledges to offer accurate and transparent news about government activities and public life, aiming to provide a more accurate and factual understanding of the KRG's operations.