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KRG Launches Business Registration System

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has launched an online portal to streamline and expedite the registration process for businesses. This initiative aims to reduce costs and simplify procedures, making it easier for entrepreneurs to establish their companies in the region.

With the new online system (, business owners can conveniently submit their applications from anywhere and at any time. Upon registration, they will receive a (Unique Entity Number) that grants access to various governmental services.

The platform is a collaborative effort between the Kurdistan Parliament, the offices of the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, the Department of Information Technology, and the General Directorate of Company Registration at the Ministry of Trade and Industry. It replaces the previous time-consuming and expensive process that required entrepreneurs to make multiple visits to the General Directorate of Company Registration. This new system eliminates these frustrations and removes obstacles to economic development, business growth, and entrepreneurial initiatives.

The benefits of this portal are numerous. The registration process is now both time and cost-efficient. Additionally, the platform reduces registration costs by 80% and offers assistance in registering company names and protecting trademarks.

The new system adheres to international standards by providing a comprehensive list of business activities categorized according to industry standards. This transparency helps entrepreneurs make informed decisions about business opportunities and obtain the necessary information.

This modern system represents a significant milestone in business registration within the Kurdistan Region. It will play a crucial role in the development and advancement of the economic sector, ultimately leading to increased employment opportunities.

The Kurdistan Regional Government is committed to public service through digitalisation, aiming to facilitate development and good governance.

Department of Media and Information