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Kurdistan Regional Government produces electricity in Garmian from flare gas recovery

The ninth cabinet of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has taken a commendable step towards reducing the environmental impact of waste gas and harnessing it to generate electricity from oil wells.

One notable achievement is the Garmian power plant, a 165 MW station that utilises flare gas recovery from the Hasira oil wells to produce electricity. Completed in 2021, the plant has also generated 118 employment opportunities for local residents.

Spanning across 35 donums of land, the power plant comprises 180 generators and 45 converters. Each generator has a capacity of 0.9 MW, resulting in a daily estimated production of 100 MW. Efforts are underway to further increase this output.

By implementing environmentally friendly policies, the ninth cabinet has demonstrated its commitment to minimising the negative effects of waste gas on the environment. In addition to its economic benefits, the project ensures improved electricity supply for the residents of Garmian.

These endeavours highlight the dedication of the KRG's ninth cabinet to both sustainable energy practices and the well-being of its citizens.