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KRG constructing ponds to improve management of water resources and fight drought

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), in collaboration with UNICEF, has initiated the ‘cooperative ponds’ program, which entails providing farmers with financial and technical support to build ponds for collecting rainwater.

The initiative, which aims to reduce water shortages and lessen the impact of drought, is considered a national priority. The ponds will help prevent floods, as well as creating a significant source of water for agriculture, irrigation, and tourism.

The cooperative ponds are being built, in accordance with the pond regulations of 2022, as a collaboration between the government and local villagers.

Due to climate change, the Kurdistan Region is facing serious problems including droughts and decreasing underground water levels. According to statistics provided by the General Directorate of Water Resources, at least 800 villages are on the brink of evacuation because of drought.

The new project aims to tackle these problems through collecting rainwater and imposing limits on the use of underground water, which will help the residents to stay in their villages.

The Kurdistan Regional Government’s ninth cabinet has so far taken the following steps to strengthen water resources:

Announced the construction of 49 ponds.
Announced the construction of nine ponds under a Public Private Partnership scheme.
Achieved a reduction in the cost of building ponds from IQD 1.6 billion Iraqi Dinars to IQD 0.8 million Iraqi dinars.
Taken steps to create joint water resources for a group of villages.

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