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KRG Labour Law provides legal protection for all workers

On the eve of International Workers' Day, the Kurdistan Regional Government reiterates its commitment to the protection of workers' rights.

Today, the Prime Minister of Kurdistan Masrour Barzani released a statement reconfirming his government’s efforts to implement reforms that will lead to a better quality of life for workers in Kurdistan.

The Kurdistan Region's parliament passed a new Labour Law on March 1st, 2023. Speaking about the new commitment, PM Barzani said that part of the Ninth Cabinet’s agenda is to provide better health conditions, workplace safety and legal rights by eliminating all forms of forced labor and limiting the oppression and intimidation of workers.

The new Labour Law includes the following provisions:

- Protection of workers’s rights in the Kurdistan Region, especially the rights of women workers, by eliminating all forms of forced and child labour practices

- Elimination of all forms of coerced labor and reduction in the exploitation of workers

- Enhanced health and safety protection in the workplace, while also helping employers find suitable workers

The Kurdistan Regional Government will continue to work on enhancing workers' quality of life.

The Department of Media and Information
May 1, 2023