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KRG to construct the largest solar power plant in the region

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has started work on a new solar power project on Thursday 18 May.

The KRG’s Ministry of Electricity said that “the power station will be the largest solar plant in the Kurdistan Region and the whole of Iraq.”

The Ninth Cabinet of the KRG has been taking steps towards protecting the environment and reducing the harmful gases generated by fossil fuel power plants.

The environmentally friendly power station, which is located in Minara village near Erbil, is expected to produce 25 MW of electricity and will be connected to the national energy network.

The KRG plans to increase the amount of electricity coming from solar energy by constructing other similar projects.

The cost of the project, which is expected to be completed in one year, is estimated at 100 million USD and is built on 590 dunam of land.

There are currently two solar power plants in the Kurdistan Region and the government has decided to build an additional power station in Soran Independent Administration with a budget of 235 billion Iraqi dinars and a capacity of generating 100 MW of electricity.

Department of Media and Information