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KRG to open a new international crossing with Turkey

The Zet International Gate between the Kurdistan Region and Turkey will officially open later this week, following a year of collaboration between the two sides.

The Supervisor of the Soran Independent Administration Halgurd Sheikh Najib told the Official website of Kurdistan Regional Government that “the Zet International Gate will be open for tourists this week with the attendance of officials from both the Kurdistan Region and Turkey. It will then welcome commercial transport in a second stage.”

The Chief of Staff of the Peshmerga Forces Lt. Gen. Issa Uzair and his delegation, including several military officers, visited the gate to evaluate its security on May 7.

The Kurdistan flag was also raised for the first time at the gate by the Surrogate of Mergasur district.

The new gate is located on the Sheirwan Mazin border in Mergasur district, which is part of the Soran Independent Administration.

Department of Media and Information 
May 8, 2023