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Road surface marking continues in Kurdistan until October

The Kurdistan Region's Ministry of Interior is currently engaged in a major project to repaint longitudinal road markings, with the work set to continue until October 2023, according to Dilan Abdullah, Head of the Traffic Engineering Directorate in Erbil.

This is the first time such projects have been executed by local professionals and labourers under the supervision of the KRG Ministry of Interior, providing employment opportunities for people in the region.

Abdullah stated that “the budget spent on the road markings project is only half of what the government had previously paid to foreign companies for the same task. This current project is managed by local workers with a smaller budget, resulting in better quality work. The paint used in this project is of high quality and mixed with other materials to enhance its stability.”

The project covers not only urban roads but also roads between towns and cities. Abdullah cautioned that the low quality of car tyres used in the region and adverse weather conditions may reduce the stability of the paints.

The Ninth Cabinet of the Kurdistan Regional Government is committed to providing better services to citizens and creating new job opportunities in the region.


Department of Media and Information