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US to strengthen economic ties with Kurdistan Region

The Kurdistan Regional Government's High Representative to the US has announced that a delegation from the US Chamber of Commerce is expected to visit the Kurdistan Region later this year, with the aim of enhancing commercial relations between the two countries.

According to Bayan Sami, the Kurdistan Regional Government's representative in the United States, the delegation, which comprises entrepreneurs and agricultural companies, is scheduled to visit Kurdistan in June. Sami emphasised the strong relationship between the KRG and the US, noting that several US politicians frequently visit the region.

Within the framework of the KRG's Ninth Cabinet's objectives of revenue diversification and expanding international markets for local products, the KRG's representative in the US is actively working to strengthen relationships and achieve these goals.

The relationship between the Kurdistan Region and the United States is multifaceted. The US is fully supportive of the Peshmerga forces and is also eager to enhance its economic ties with the region. The KRG's representative in the US is actively involved in developing and deepening these relationships.

The Kurdistan Region's oil-related issues have increased the US's engagement with both Iraq and Turkey. The US is committed to expediting the resolution of this issue as it desires a stronger and more prosperous Kurdistan Region.

Department of Media and Information