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DMI Continues Its Engagement at the Global Media Congress

The Kurdistan Regional Government’s (KRG) Department of Media and Information (DMI) continues its engagement on the second day of the World Media Congress, hosted in Abu Dhabi between 14 and 16 November 2023.

DMI officials are representing the KRG by establishing connections with various international media outlets.

Saad Hawrami, a DMI delegate, commented, "The annual three day event in the United Arab Emirates covers diverse topics, including the future of media, artificial intelligence, the environment, climate change, and more. DMI leverages these opportunities to foster positive relationships with the global media community."

The Global Media Congress is an annual gathering that unites media professionals worldwide, encompassing numerous media organisations, agencies, and both governmental and private media entities. It serves as a vital platform for communication and discourse within the media industry, enabling the exchange of the latest developments in media practices.

Amal Saadoun, an Iraqi journalist at the congress, emphasises that the DMI's participation also represents the Iraqi and Kurdish diaspora residing in the UAE, and conveys the situation in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region to the world by providing insights into these regions.

The 2023 Global Media Congress is hosting 5,541 delegates, including representatives from over 200 media companies, 170 keynote speakers, and over 30 panels and media leadership conferences. Anticipated attendees comprise 14,000 journalists, diplomats, and media leaders from across the globe.