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DMI Maintains Active Presence at Global Media Congress in Abu Dhabi

During the third day of the Global Media Congress in the United Arab Emirates, the Department of Media and Information (DMI) remains actively engaged in discussions and meetings with various media outlets.

Dr. Jotiar Adel, Head of the DMI, emphasised that his department has been proactively expanding connections with both private and governmental media outlets and agencies worldwide.

Dr. Adel explained that the DMI was invited to the conference as the sole representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government, with the aim of strengthening relationships with the UAE's government media sector and facilitating bilateral exchanges of expertise.

In an interview with the DMI, Paul Marszalek from the United States Agency for Global Media highlighted the significance of the Kurdistan Region, outlining the agency’s projects including their dedicated Kurdish language news channel. He expressed his enthusiasm for productive discussions with KRG representatives on the media landscape and potential collaboration in sharing stories from the region.

The Global Media Congress serves as a pivotal platform for discussions and exchanges on vital media issues. The event is taking place from 14-16 November 2023, with the participation of 5,541 delegates, 200 media companies, and 170 keynote speakers. Furthermore, it has hosted over 30 panels and media leadership conferences.

Department of Media and Information