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Kurdistan Region: A Key Player in Regional Peace and Security

In an interview on November 21, 2023, during the Middle East Peace and Security Forum (MEPS), Dr. Jotiar Adel, Head of the KRG Department of Media and Information (DMI), emphasised the Kurdistan Region's vital role in promoting dialogue and reconciliation to bridge differences in the region.

Dr. Adel highlighted the significance of the ongoing political shifts in the region. He noted that the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) is dedicated to showcasing diverse viewpoints by convening decision-makers, academics, and experts for meaningful discussions.

Dr. Adel believes that exchanging views from varied perspectives is essential for achieving a common understanding and addressing the region's political challenges. He added that the Kurdistan Region consistently leads in valuing and respecting diverse perspectives, which are crucial in devising solutions for regional conflicts and insecurities, in partnership with other regional institutions and states.